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Sticking to a routine maintenance schedule is important if you want to keep your Chevy vehicle in top shape. Putting off crucial service is never a good idea, but delaying an oil change can be especially damaging. Here’s why you should schedule an appointment at Johnny Londoff Chevrolet right away if you need one.

Effects of Delaying an Oil Change

The oil in your engine protects all of the small and fragile parts from heat and friction. Old oil starts to struggle to do this important job, which can result in some major issues.

If you don’t get your oil changed when needed, you’ll start to notice problems like reduced fuel efficiency. Your engine has to work harder and your car is no longer operating as efficiently as it could be, and this means wasted money at the fuel pump. You might also notice:

• Excess exhaust
• Strange noises from your engine
• An overheated engine
• Your check engine light turns on

All of these are potential indicators that you need fresh oil.

What Happens if I Ignore These Signs?

Ignore these issues for long enough and you can run into a bigger, more expensive problem. If you wait too long to change your oil, you’ll often end up damaging your engine. The parts that make your engine work end up struggling and get damaged by the high-heat, high-friction environment.

This can result in a costly engine repair bill and a shorter lifespan for your vehicle. You know what isn’t costly? An oil change. Getting that oil change you need when you need it at our Chevy service center near St. Louis can save you money and keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come. Schedule your service appointment today!

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