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You know how important routine maintenance is, but did you know about the different types of Chevrolet service? At Johnny Londoff Chevrolet, we can take care of all of your car maintenance needs, including these different types of service.

Corrective Maintenance

As the name implies, this type of service is meant to correct an issue. Corrective maintenance is meant to fix a problem before it can become a bigger one or an issue that can put drivers and passengers in danger.

Corrective maintenance can include jobs like replacing brake pads, swapping in a new headlight bulb, and the installation of a new engine air filter. In these cases, a part is failing or past its prime, and your mechanic is correcting the problem.

Preventative Maintenance

This is maintenance that can help your vehicle stay in better shape. Preventative maintenance can also help you avoid future issues and big repair bills. An oil change, for example, is preventative maintenance that can help you prevent engine damage, a more expensive issue, down the line.

Risk-Based Maintenance

This type of maintenance focuses on parts that would carry the most risk if they were to fail. This can include maintenance that focuses on components that help keep you safer on the road, including the brakes and tires. These are parts that could obviously cause a dangerous situation if they were to fail.

Condition-Based Maintenance

For this type of maintenance, a mechanic will look at the actual condition of a part or system to determine what kind of work needs to be done. As an example, a mechanic can examine the braking system and evaluate the condition of each part.

If you’re in need of any type of maintenance, make our Chevy service center near St. Louis your first stop. We have the Chevy parts and skilled mechanics you’re looking to find!

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