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When it’s time for your next oil change, turn to the team here at Johnny Londoff Chevrolet. Not only do we provide the oil change service and care that you can rely on, but we’re also sharing all we know about Chevrolet oil changes. You’ll be able to keep your vehicle running right between service appointments with these tips and resources.

Does the Type of Oil I Use Matter?

The more you know about routine oil changes and Chevrolet care, the easier it will be to keep your vehicle safe and reliable. That means understanding the difference between oil options and knowing when to use what type of oil. You always want to make sure you’re using the right oil for the job, from this list of common motor oil types:

o Conventional Motor Oil: This is one of the most used and inexpensive types of oil. It’s best for smaller, lighter vehicles, and should be used for low-impact driving. If you don’t put too much stress on your vehicle, conventional motor oil is the way to go.
o Synthetic Motor Oil: Synthetic motor oil is great for high-performance vehicles since it adds that extra lubrication and helps your car to perform at maximum capacity. You’ll also want to reach for synthetic oil if you’re driving in very hot or cold environments.
o Synthetic Blend Motor Oil: Synthetic blend motor oil is the ideal pick for SUVs and large pick-up trucks. It can help to protect your vehicle when carrying heavy cargo and can even improve your gas mileage. Another reason to consider synthetic blend is that it’s much less expensive than synthetic motor oil.
o High-Mileage Motor Oil: As the name indicates, high-mileage motor oil is designed for vehicles with more miles. Typically, cars with over 75,000 miles will benefit from high-mileage motor oil.

Learn more about oil changes and get the Chevrolet oil change service you deserve here at Johnny Londoff Chevrolet.

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