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With an electric vehicle charging station, you can keep your car powered up and ready for the next great adventure, and Johnny Londoff Chevrolet is here to help. We make it our mission to connect drivers with the alternative energy vehicles they need to save money and reduce their environmental impact, as well as the infrastructure that will support them every day.

Charging Levels

When it comes to charging an electric vehicle at home, it can be useful to research the different levels of charging. That’s because not all charging levels are available with at-home charging stations. Here’s a look at the different levels, and which are best for your EV driving needs:

Level 1 Charging

Level 1 charging is slow and quite low impact. Because it has the smallest voltage, it’s considered ideal for plug-in hybrid vehicles, or PHEVs, as they have smaller batteries than fully electric cars. Level 1 charging is already available at home with existing outlets.

Level 2 Charging

Level 2 charging is what comes with an at-home station. It provides fast and effective charging at a mid-range voltage, which is perfect for charging your vehicle for daily driving. In most cases, your EV should fully recharge if it’s plugged in overnight!

Level 3 Charging (DC Fast Charging)

Level 3, or DC Fast Charging, is the highest voltage of charging. It is too high for plug-in hybrid vehicles or residential homes, and therefore only available at public charging stations.

How Do I Install an At-Home Charging Station?

For installation, you’ll need to hire professionals. But don’t worry! There are many subsidies available for at-home charging infrastructure, both on a federal and manufacturer level. When installing your charger, consider charging level needs, vehicle location, how often you’ll be driving, and whether you have other vehicles in the driveway.
Luckily, Chevrolet will cover the standard installation of Level 2 charging outlets for eligible customers who purchase or lease a new Chevy Bolt EV or EUV — which may motivate you to take one of these electrified models for a spin.
Learn more about at-home charging station installation and test drive an EV model at Johnny Londoff Chevrolet in Florissant.

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