Oil changes are a key part of most vehicle maintenance schedules. They support engine health, improve efficiency, and can even help you to maintain the vehicle’s value. But what about electric cars? Do they need oil changes too? You can trust Johnny Londoff Chevrolet with all your electric vehicle maintenance and information.

Does My Electric Vehicle Need an Oil Change?

The oil in gas-fueled internal combustion engine cars plays many roles. It helps to keep the engine cool and well-lubricated, which means the parts don’t grind or scratch during use and the vehicle doesn’t risk overheating. It also collects up the dirt and debris from the road before it can damage the engine. Over time, the oil and filter in an internal combustion engine become saturated, which is when you need to schedule an oil change.

With an electric vehicle, you don’t need to worry about oil at all. Electric vehicles don’t have internal combustion engines. Instead, they rely on a configuration of batteries and electric motors. This means they don’t have the makeup of moving parts and systems, like pistons and valves, that need to be lubricated or kept cool, so oil is no longer necessary. Simply put, your electric vehicle doesn’t need oil changes at all.

Rather than rely on oil to protect and cool the engine, electric vehicles require coolant to circulate through the system. This helps to prevent the battery from overheating while your vehicle is out on the go. Our expert service professionals are always ready to perform routine maintenance tasks on your EV,

You can find electric vehicles and electric vehicle maintenance and care right here at Johnny Londoff Chevrolet. We’ll keep your alternative energy vehicle running right, so you can reduce your environmental output and save big on every ride. Test drive a new electric vehicle in Florissant today.

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